Car Detailing Services from Mt. Moriah Auto Sales

Memphis Car Detailing Service - Mt Moriah Auto Sales

When you care about your vehicle, you want it to look the best it can. However, most of us end up spending so much time in our cars, they become like second homes to us – and end up in less than pristine condition. Whether you drive a child-hauling SUV or a performance sports car, we can renew, refresh, and restore your ride. We would love an opportunity to make your car look and feel better than ever. Restore your vehicle to nearly new condition with full service auto detailing at our Memphis Service Center. Our friendly car detailing technicians will thoroughly clean your car, inside and out. We also offer professional paint touch up for those unavoidable dings and scratches.

Wash & Detail Packages

Experiencing our Full Service Detail Package is like hitting the reset button on your vehicle. Our full service detail package includes a complete cleaning, inside and out. Our technicians start at the headliner and work their way down to the carpets, detailing every crack, crevice, and compartment on the way down. We will shampoo your carpets, clean your dash and ensure your glass is spotless. The full detail package also includes a car wash and our stage 2 polish with high speed buff. Our full service detail is just $200.00 and $225.00 for SUVs.

Express Exterior Car Wash

If your car just needs a little face lift, we offer a simple wash and a vacuum for $35.00. When you have your car detailed at Mt. Moriah Auto Sales, you can be confident you’ll receive the best auto detailing in Memphis, TN. Call us at 901-531-6700 to schedule a car detailing appointment.